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In the fall of 1998, the Philadelphia Stars Baseball Club was formed.  The team of 8 year-olds consisted of five Black, five White, and five Latino players from all over the Philadelphia area.  The purpose was to create an environment where the kids could be exposed to other races and cultures while sharing and working at their common interest – baseball.  The goal was to enable the kids to form their own opinions about other cultures and races based on personal experience, rather than on hearsay and common stereotypes.

The original team got together every week throughout the fall and winter, practicing baseball as well as participating in other activities and discussions.  Within the first month it was obvious that the “experiment” was going to be a success, as the invisible barriers came crashing down and with the players forming a bond that would grow stronger each year.  Today, at age 21, those friendships are still going strong with most of the original group enrolled in colleges across the country.  The original team and the current 15 year-old Stars, have captured three Delaware Valley Baseball League championships, competing against some of the best suburban teams in the area.

When the new MLB Urban Youth Academy opens in 2012, our tournament teams from each age group will compete under the "Philadelphia Stars" name.  In the spring and summer, while still playing with their neighborhood club teams, the Stars will participate in local, regional, and national tournaments, including a weeklong tournament in Cooperstown, NY, where they'll compete against over 100 teams from around the country.  


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